Monday, January 23, 2017

Redirecting Blog

After nearly a 4-month hiatus from writing this blog, I am back with a change in focus. In 2015, the "Brighton First Updates" blog became the source for news of progress in the Vital Church Initiative, a revitalization program adopted by the congregation of Brighton First United Methodist Church. As our church comes to the end of our implementation process (celebration in March 2017!), I am repurposing the blog.

As church leaders have worked through the mission and vision of our church, as well as developed a strategic plan, the recurring theme has been growing disciples for Jesus Christ. A focus on disciple-making is not new to the church. In fact, we have come full circle to the very reason for the existence of the church.

In future blog entries I will report on the disciple-growing efforts of Brighton First and share news and thoughts on trends in disciple-making.

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