Saturday, May 13, 2017

Summer Youth Internship at Brighton First

Brighton First is, for the first time, offering a summer youth internship position. The intern will serve in July and August for a total of 30 hours. The purpose of the summer youth internship is to deepen the young person’s knowledge and experience of Christian Ministry through general ministry activities including worship leadership, pastoral care, missions, children and youth ministries, music and administration tasks. 

Our intern will experience practical ministry training, work in an atmosphere of personal and professional guidance and support, test their gifts, and develop spiritually and theologically.

The summer youth intern will participate in missions and weekly worship. He/she will help plan for children’s ministry and lead in Vacation Bible School. The intern will assist clergy with pastoral care and worship leadership. He/she will help develop church publications and, most importantly, engage in spiritual practices.

When the summer youth internship is completed, the intern will receive a stipend of $400. Applications for the internship position are due by May 30. If you would like more information contact Brighton First Youth Director Alyssa Tumolo at or go to the youth link at

This internship program is part of a strategic plan created by Brighton First Leadership to encourage a “climate of call to ministry” at Brighton First. Please be in prayer for the intern who will be in ministry this summer.

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