Thursday, June 22, 2017

Know More About Jesus

Each Sunday at Brighton First, as worshipers enter the sanctuary they receive a Connection Card. All are encouraged to complete the card providing the minimum of a name. The Connection Card allows members of our faith community to update contact information and sign up for ministries. For our first-time guests, the card is Brighton First's initial connection. We receive contact information and guests indicate their interests.

One great benefit of the Connection Cards is that regular attenders and those new to the church have the opportunity to indicate their interest in baptism, church membership and/or "knowing more about Jesus." Several baptisms in 2016 and 2017 were initiated through comments on the Connection Cards. The 15 invitations sent for Brighton First's summer membership class went to those who indicated an interest on their Connection Cards. The is true for membership classes last fall and this spring.

Since we began using the Connection Cards one year ago, I have been delighted to have the opportunity to sit with people, the majority new to Brighton First, and talk about Jesus. I am privileged to journey with people who are working to connect faith in Jesus Christ to their daily lives.

This last week I met at a coffee shop with a new attender and had the opportunity to hear how this person's life came to intersect with the faith community at Brighton. Why? Because the person worshipped at Brighton First and indicated on the Connection Card a desire to know more about Jesus.

It's surprising to think that a small act on Sunday morning, filling out a Connection Card, could be a step in bringing people into relationship with Jesus Christ.

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