Monday, June 19, 2017

Knowing Your Gifts

Pauline's Spiritual Gifts are Administration,
Leadership and Mercy
Recently, I was talking with Pauline. She is a member of our United Methodist Women (UMW) Group and she is leading a big project this fall. Our UMW is hosting a state-wide meeting of United Methodist Women at Brighton First. She will be leading a team from our church who will plan hospitality, meals and logistics. By the time of the event over 100 people will be serving to make this event an inspirational experience for over 400 attendees.

Pauline was telling me about preliminary planning when a comment she made caught my attention. She said that it is a good thing she has the spiritual gifts for this kind of work: administration, leadership and mercy.

I was struck by Pauline's personal spiritual insight. She is aware of her spiritual gifts and has found a way to use them in the service of Jesus Christ. At Brighton First, we have been emphasizing knowledge of our spiritual gifts for two years. Pauline, like other members of our faith community, has been encouraged to step out in ministries that match her gifts, skills and interest.

According to Scripture, God has given each of us gifts for service in the world. "We have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us." (Romans 12:6b) Various gifts are evident from one person to another, and that diversity of gifts allows for God's work to be done in diverse ways.

Not everyone has the gifts of teaching, helping, praying, offering mercy or sharing wisdom. The beauty of the Body of Christ, the Church, is that when people come together to use their God-given gifts remarkable things can happen in Jesus' name.

You are most likely aware of skills you have developed over the years. You may also be very clear about your interests and passions. Do you know your top spiritual gifts? If you have not had the opportunity to take a spiritual gift assessment, click here for an online option. (You will need to create a user name and password.) We also have spiritual gift assessment booklets available at Brighton First.

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