Monday, July 10, 2017

Serving God Beyond the Church

Brighton First, in cooperation with many county churches, serves residents in emergency need. Churches are connected in ministry through Love INC. Members of Brighton First's congregation have many stories of reaching out to help others. The following article recently appeared in a Love INC news update. It is a story from a Brighton First congregation member:
A Bedding Ministry Volunteer recently shared the following story with us: A gentleman came to their church's ministry to pick up some bedding. At that time the volunteer offered to pray with the client before he left and the client declined.
A few weeks later the same volunteer saw the gentleman at the grocery store. He told her that when he had originally picked up the bedding items he wanted to say yes to prayer. When the volunteer heard this she asked if he would like prayer. He said yes and they ended up praying in the middle of the cereal aisle for him and his situation.
Praise God for the opportunity to give the gift of prayer wherever and whenever it is needed. And praise God for congregation members emboldened by the Holy Spirit to offer the gift!

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