Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Building a Place for People to Grow

When the Stewardship Team met in May, they discussed the mission of our church, our growing ministry and our strategic plan. The team concluded that at Brighton First we are building a place for people to grow in their relationship with God. 

As the Stewardship Team developed their annual financial commitment campaign for 2017, they've used the faces and words of congregation members to celebrate what Brighton First is building.

I shared the following in the August Newsletter:

The congregation of Brighton First is committed to building a place for faith to grow. In 2017, we are redesigning our children’s Sunday School area in order to strengthen disciple making. We are intentionally growing small groups and other opportunities for adults to grow in the faith. In this last year, we have seen over 10% growth in adult faith formation participation. In worship, we have grown in devotion and praise with a new band-led worship service and greater participation of laity leadership. Our average attendance for the first 6 months of 2017 has increased from 2016. This is the first change in attendance decline since 2009. Brighton First is a place to grow and we are growing!

In 2018, our strategic plan calls for a remodel of the library and the continued emphasis on small groups. Our outreach to the residents of Mill Pond Manor Apartments is bearing fruit and this summer we begin a partnership with the Torch Food Truck, a non-profit that will deliver food to Mill Pond residents.

This October we begin our 2018 financial pledge campaign. The financial support of the congregation allows Christ’s work to continue through Brighton First. It supports us as we build a place for people to grow.

Each year, our church community offers personal commitments for God’s ministry through the fellowship of our congregation. Through regular attendance and daily prayer, we grow our capability to Know God. With joyful witness and heartfelt compassion, we continue to demonstrate our eagerness to Love God. By our volunteering and caring missions, we show our eagerness to Serve God. Our financial gifts will demonstrate our commitment to being faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Participating with a financial commitment is an important step. You will be receiving more information by mail about “Building a Place for People to Grow.” We’ll ask that financial pledges be turned in by October 25 and on October 29, we will celebrate the total pledges we have received. 

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