Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Opportunities for Brighton First

Wesley UMC as seen from Whitmore Lake
The congregations of Brighton First and Wesley United Methodist Church (Whitmore Lake) are currently in discussions about merging to form one church. If both congregations agree to a merger, the members of Wesley will become members of Brighton First, and together we will join our staff, resources and properties as one church. Each week we will host 3 Sunday worship services in Brighton and a 4th in Whitmore Lake. We will reach out to the local community using our church buildings in Brighton and in Whitmore Lake.

The merger vote is on April 15. The membership of both congregations will vote separately and both must agree to the merger.  and the merger would take place on July 1.

Brighton First leaders agreed to discuss the possibility for merger because we are a church that is clear about its mission, to lead people to know God, love God and serve God. In Better Together, Jim Toberlin and Warren Bird write, “Mission-driven church mergers have tremendous potential to exponentially expand the impact of strong, vibrant churches as well as to revitalize plateaued and declining churches.”

Why would Brighton First choose to consider merging with the Whitmore Lake Wesley church? We have the potential to have stronger ministry together than apart. We can make a greater difference in the name of Jesus Christ with a wider circle of influence. We can extend God’s reign in meaningful ways.

We have hosted group of "town hall" sessions to answer congregation members questions. We will host additional informational meetings in March and we will send out a mailing that includes the merger plan to all church members in late March. 

Please join me in praying for God’s wisdom and guidance for our churches as we move forward.

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